MMF Highlights

imageJay Thompson and Dr. Erica Q. Thompson, staff of Magnolia Medical Foundation, were both selected as Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) Panelist for the 2015 Health Matters Activation Summit. The summit occurred from Sunday, January 25th to Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 at the Renaissance Esmeralda Indian Wells Resort & Spa, California.
CHMI, one of the initiatives of the Clinton Foundation, works with regions disproportionately impacted by chronic disease to improve health outcomes and close gaps in health disparities. Our current focus communities include The Coachella Valley, California; Central Arkansas (Little Rock); Northeast Florida, Florida (Jacksonville); Greater Houston, Texas; and Adams County, Mississippi.
The annual Health Matters Activation Summit convened over 400 prominent national and community leaders to discuss ways in which healthcare transformation and systemic innovation can support the work of individuals, corporate leaders, national organizations, athletes and health and wellness experts as they strive to improve our country’s overall health and quality of life. CHMI showcased its strategic partners from across sectors – business, technology, sports and philanthropy – are doing to create sustained health improvement throughout the United States. In addition, the Summit focused on best practices and innovated practical solutions to address the health and wellness needs of diverse communities across the nation.

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