Workforce Development/Training

LifeStyle Coach Certification

Magnolia Medical Foundation (MMF ) currently has an MOU to deliver the CDC Approved Lifestyle Coach Training Entity, and we are listed on the CDC’s website as a training entity. MMF offers CDC Lifestyle Change Coach Training for the successful delivery of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP). We follow the CDC curriculum and guidelines. The training is a two-day in-person training.

Master Trainer Certification

We train and prepare qualified individuals to serve as Master Trainers, who can provide Lifestyle Coach Training for the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) for in-person delivery of the lifestyle change program within their organization or network. (DTTAC Master Trainer Select Program for the National DPP, 2017) (Train the trainer)

Register for Lifestyle Coach and Master Training Certification here.

Community Health Worker Certification

Community Health Worker (CHW) certification program it to train CHWs to conduct community-level activities and interventions that promote health and prevent diseases and disability and assist in improving the health inequalities of the community. (htt1) As community health educators and role models, CHWs promote, encourage, and support positive, healthful self-management behaviors among their peers. CHWs serve as patient and community advocates, as “coaches” for disease management. They also strengthen their community’s understanding and acceptance of medical care and to help eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care.